Monday, July 02, 2007


Some minister who has nothing else better to do is condemning the services provided by CTOS Sdn. Bhd. If he has not been doing things that would reflect badly on him, why must he worry and kick up a fuss? Or just because 1/3 of MPs are listed there and there is fear of somewhat that one day people would know that their representative at parliament is a jerk and is of no good use but owing and cheating people of money for their selfish gains.

Why don't the government bring in the ISA to nab all those involved in collecting these information and also those who give out these information. I am sure many financial instituations, law firms (including his) and other institutions which hold important private information of the rakyat. This may very well include governmnet departments and bodies. Go nab all of them including yourself. Stupid!


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