Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bumiputra: Losing their rights?

Jeffooi.com has always been almost of a daily read for me. This time around, I think he has precisely forecasted a devastation that will destroy our country if nothing concretely good is done and because of what has been done and is being done is continued. He went on to mention this:

"It is a perilous game to play if Malaysia is bent on alienating even the bumiputra by over protecting the Umnoputra sub-strata, and at the same time turning its back on two of its biggest trading partners, namely the US and the EU, which have called for the removal of such intra-and-ultra discriminatory policies."

And then to this:

"The crux of the matter is, there is a fundamental difference between adjusting an archaic economic policy and safeguarding sovereignty in an ever changing global economy environment. Ignore it at your own peril as ASEAN's Vietnam and Indonesia -- who generate similar product clusters as Malaysia's with improving quality at relatively lower cost -- may one day eat your lunch."


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