Friday, June 15, 2007

2057: Malaysian Independence?

When the office is quite and almost empty and while some are busy sleeping, I am typing this to revive my blog or rather to kick off my boredom. As I am typing this, the office assistant's pathetic computer speakers are blaring away Whitney Houston's I'll Always Love You to my annoyance. Looking out through the window of the conference room, what appears to be the PJ skyline has now turned all dark grey. Just yesterday, as it is with other days that have passed the rain has been too heavy. I do not like it when it rains. Particularly, heavy rain. If you hear of constant floods in Bangladesh when it rains exceptionally heavy, now turn on the tv and you will hear not Bangladesh but Malaysia. I am talking about KL city, PJ "city"(rubbish) and JB city (another rubbish).

Very very soon, if nothing is done to mitigate this stupid third world "phenomenon", Malaysia will never reach its intended 2020 or 2057 (thats freaking long time) goals. We need amphibious vehicles. Maybe by then we would not need Proton or maybe Proton can acquire another company. This time, a sampan manufacturer in Kelantan? Sigh, what ever happened to the Malayia Boleh spirit. Which in my humble opinion is a good motto to encourage us as Malaysians to do better but sadly, it has been raped. Well, the judiciary system will not help either as it is not capable of handling high profile cases like these (what ever happened to the Altantunya case has been all misleading, the truth needs to surface and someone needs to be spank real hard).

So, the Malaysia Boleh spirit is still living but the dark side has tempted it over and entrapped it in hell's deepest pit, the bottomless pit. *That's a big contradiction*. Just like our government and some of its "subjects". We have only two choices which are, join them or leave them. I say go start your own political party and fight for an autonomous region.

Malaya gained its independence in the year 1957...but Malaysia technically have not gained its independence since it was formed in 1963(isit). The only thing that has happened which was close to any independence was Singapore's. So we need it...



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