Saturday, July 14, 2007

A "peek" into my life

So, life isn't all rosy and fun-filled, is it? My life has been tremendously roller coaster like until recently. I'll tell you a pictorial story of a little bit of my life. Let's skip the day I was born, toddler years ....let's start with teenage years where most of the drama took place.
Like my long hair (I can sense now that many would be laughing), days were long and dreaded them. My teenage years were just hippie like. Rebellious and full of dramas, both at home and elsewhere (where ever you can find me). My temper would erupt like a super volcano. Not a very nice scene. Like a roller coaster, occasionally I would be an "angel" (this must be a joke, but I am not laughing).
Life took a round about turn in the later part of my teenage years. Toppled over, my life seemed like it could do with an abrupt "full-stop". But life didn't just stopped there. There were just more things to be done. It wasn't worth stopping. I didn't attempt suicide, ok. Life was full of grey areas, some of which are still visible today but so much lesser.
Then, I met different group of new friends. I am just lazy to search for other pictures of friends. I'm so blessed to have different group of friends. I have learned a lot from them. So, what made life so meaningful and worth living for?
Vanity! All is vanity! That happens when I wanted life to be like I wanted it to be. Life is just not as orderly as the cutleries are arranged in the picture. But it is tough as steel. Stained from sin, I felt condemned, unworthy and guilty. Stained...then Jesus came and cleansed. Stainless now.
Hey, this story wouldn't be complete without a little bit more twist to it. What about love life Philip? I can't exactly tell how it is but what I can say is this; God is teaching us something new and our obedience to Him counts. She is amazing. Sounds cliche? hehe. I can't sum up how I feel since I knew her. Let's walk in God's will together...I hope we can write the next chapter of the story of life together.
Life is not always about the "overturned wheelbarrow". At times, it is like steel, tough as it may seem. We can only become tougher if we don't give up. Stainless because of Jesus. In the end, when we look back, when I looked back...I am contended. It is like a moment of "blowing bubbles". Fun...exciting yet challenging. Stick to Jesus. Never give up on yourself because He didn't.


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