Monday, June 30, 2008

Political Sodomy

Maybe there will be a new phrase in the English vocab used to describe political assassination. Well, maybe it is only applicable in the Malaysian context. Politicians in Malaysia have been dwelling each other for decades but never before in this most uncreative way. The de facto PKR leader was the laughing stock in the last bout of sodomy allegations and he clearly "lost" the case. Back then, there was someone else who knew how to flex his muscles and had a brain of a intelligent human. Now, many doubt the brains are even as big as a grape. Probably on peanut sized. That is why the zoo is getting crowded.

Sodomy charge used the second time is like crying out loud: Plagiarism! I wonder why the previous author did not sue anyone for his hard work copied? Maybe he is laughing at these monkeys instead while whispering to himself, "These stupid fools.".

I guess, the world now should know, using a sodomy charge to politically sodomise (murder) a rival's political career is after all not a good idea. So, if someone tries to sodomise you, run to the Turkish Embassy. At least someo is able to discern...


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