Sunday, March 09, 2008

Political Tsunami

Learning about the massive yet embarrassing defeat suffered by BN in the 2008 General Election through the electronic media was such an exciting experience. Never have I been this excited about the overwhelming positive that the Barisan Rakyat received through the ballot box. The pendulum swung so quickly and strongly yesterday that the ruling coalition had barely enough time to pull many tricks. Stunned, left in their disbelief of the results flashing in their face, UMNO called for an emergency meeting in the wee hours of this morning. MIC lost all its leaders. Hence, there was no meeting. MCA is still in a daze-they have lost count of their defeat. One very suspicious incident caught the attention of many. Which is the almost 3000 ballot papers which were unreturned to the LUMUT constituency for counting. Are these postal votes that were missing? I leave it to you to imagine. Can someone please challenge this..Barisan Rakyat?

BN denied 2/3 majority. Lost 5 states (Perak, Penang, Kedah, Selangora and Kelantan[failed to wrestle back]) and one Federal Terriroty.


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