Saturday, December 15, 2007

Who will be erected?

It is a shame to be a Malaysian. The PM should be a shame that some of his MPs from UMNO are very much "empty" in their heads. People of all nations, since I as a Malaysian has been put to shame, I have nothing to lose when declaring to you readers that the Malaysian parliament is filled with real "no-brain" Members of Parliament from the Barisan Nasional (national coalition party).

I really hope the BN will lose many seats in the coming election. If there isn't one, then I hope they won't have any erection too.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Vote wisely....

They flew to The Great Britian to fight for our independence from the British.
They came back with a new social contract.
They entangled us in a web of lies and marginalised us contractually.
Today, their children have again done something great.
They have not only marginalised us, Malaysians.
But they have done something greater.
That is, stolen our basic rights-human rights!

BN component parties should be doomed to fail in the next election.
Being "yes man" to the leadership only portray a gutless, selfish image.
Rise up Malaysians, vote wisely. We don't need the BN to bring in the investment.
All we need are wisdom, cooperation and diligence.

ps: go to and view how democracy is practiced by the Malaysian government.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Remove Selfishness First

Lim Kit Siang's blog ran a very controversial post. Read it here...Remove Cross and Christian Statue From Mission Schools

Can we as Christians, Bhuddist, Hindus and other religious background confidently say "REMOVE THE 5 PRAYERS A DAY FROM THE TV AND BAN THE MOSQUE FROM BLARING THE PRAYERS ALOUD?

The answer is no because we have brains to think and have a kind enough heart to tolerate. Why can't the other odd one think and act in the same way?

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Hidden Agendas

Of late, we have multiple groups of people with different reasons to protest openly against the government.
The police force didn't allow them to protest via gatherings/marching. This deemed their gathering illegal.
ISA was mentioned as a means to punish culprits who defy the government's call to not protest via those
methods but only through the ballot box. So, what's the government's hidden agenda for all these they
mentioned through the local mass media? Anyhow, I'm not voting for them...they have too many
selfish agendas...
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Pride or just lie?

Having the twin towers is as if a dream had come true. Have you ever wondered it isn't just as simple as a dream come true.
Could it be self pride or ego-feeding? Or maybe we are lying to ourselve of our level of development- socially, morally, economically
and culturally.
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Odd one out

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