Thursday, March 31, 2005

Why wasn't there a tsunami?

Well, maybe some of you may have come up with the same theory as I did. I thought of it when I knew that there wasn't a tsunami after the magnitude 8.7 Ricther scale earthquake just off the northern coast of Nias island. Ok, it happened after Easter, the previous one that destroyed almost the whole of Banda Aceh happened after Christmas. Thats weird enough to puzzle some. Aceh, the only province that practices the Syariah Laws in Indonesia. persecute Christians. Nias, 95% are Christians, with a population of about 700 000 people. NO tsunami? Not that many died...this is worth giving a ponder...hmmmph??? you do the maths...

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Ponder no more...

Have you ever wondered why earthquakes are happening so frequently lately? The major one hit last December 26th. One day after Christmas, coincidence? Maybe, most would say. HoweverI beg to differ with this idea. Again a 'great earthquake' hit early this morning roughly after midnight with a magnitude of 8.0+. This one hit after Easter. Coincidence again? Guess many would think twice and suggest this may point to something more. Perhaps something 'divine'? As for me, I think and strongly believe that these events have its message. Yet you may not be too sure what message these events carry but I strongly feel that it has to do with the Second Coming of Christ. We may be the last generation! Equipe yourselves and go all out to bring the message of Salvation to the unreached. God bless!

For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be earthquakes in various places, and there will be famines and troubles. These are the beginnings of sorrows.

Mark 13:8

Monday, March 28, 2005

Blogger for Dummies

This is my first ever attempt to blog. I'm not the kind of person who
have tons of ideas running through my head. I have dreams though! ehhehe...
I gues there is no harm in trying out something new(not so new to the
rest of the world) like bL0GGing. This is where I'm gonna share my thoughts
and dreams with friends and strangers alike. I wish I had started this
earlier, waittttt...I did...I have a account. Well, I hope I'll continue
posting very frequently and also hope my sharings will be a blessing.