Thursday, May 31, 2007

Lina still has Joy

So, the big news was released. It is as I would have expected. Two of the judges are Muslims while the other not. What kind of results would you expect? Sadly, in Malaysia, where the government, actually only the PM is pushing for transparency and just and fair actions and while the judiciary system is trying hard to clean its act, this is an unwelcoming news. Read the dailies and you will know what I'm talking about. Where is the freedom expressed in Article 11?

The ABIM person even dare say that many Malaysians, muslims and not will welcome this piece of news. Mister, you should talk to people first...utter rubbish.

If the majority were to be proud and confident of their god and religion, then why the insecurity? Isn't this very obvious everywhere? Except for some...

For those who plan to migrate to Malaysia other than to do mission works, please find other alternatives. This is Bolehland where all kinds of laws and judgments can be made based on unjust sentiments.


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What is wrong with these people?

Just as I was browsing through local and international news, I stumbled upon some really disturbing news. Coincidentally, both are related to sex. My question is, "What is wrong with these people?".

On the local front, Sin Chew Daily ran a news clipping of a newly ordained Metropolitan Community Church, New York gay Malaysian pastor. Ou Yang Wen Feng reserve no rights to be ordained as pastor. Clearly, he has violated God's prohibition on homosexuality. Adding salt to the wound, "shesh"(he+she) was the daily's scholar. One do not become a pastor just because it is a dream since young for I suppose the weight is more on the calling of one.

Just across the Straits of Tebrau in the land of the Lee Empire, there live a man so hungry for sex that he has 4 legitimate (by Islamic law) wives and 6 contractual wives! What on earth is contractual wife? I wonder if the contract actually reads with sarcasm, "You, ________, shall submit to me for 10 years plus 10 years (upon reconsideration) as a contractual wife and shall bear me as many children and most importantly to satisfy my ferocious sex drive." Of course all contracts have disclaimers, which I think this would read, "If the contractual wife does not meet the stated fit for use and description during the signing of the contract, there would be a breech of contract a term." "And if she does not allow her daughters to satisfy me sexually, the contractual marriage shall be deem invalid." What barbaric (no even barbarians don't do this) acts!!!


Monday, May 28, 2007

Who's pocket I wonder? Do you know?

Check this out...corruption to the core.

Keyword : Sukhoi

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Monday, May 14, 2007


My stay thus far in the land of the Johore Sultanate have been eventful to say the least. My avid readers, as if I have a huge following, have been following quite closely to my adventures here and the boredom of the padded cell. I'm beginning to "un" dislike this place. Note that I didn't say I'm beginning to like this place. The feeling of disliking a place or thing or person has to reach neutral grounds before moving to liking. The situation, similar to that of negatives to nil and towards positives.

Well, at least my weekend was spend doing things that are more meaningful. Joan was back to her home to celebrate Mother's Day. What an encouragement to hear about how she celebrated it. Everyone of us should appreciate our moms. We went to Sagittarius for a drink while chatting over numerous topics ranging from life to God. (What else can two CG members talk about?) Alot more actually but there are plenty of chances to do so. Aha, the funny thing about the weekend was that I know slightly more roads than her (been staying here for 22 years). Hahaha...

Sunday morning. My Vietnamese colleague FFK me. He was suppose to follow Joan and I to church (Calvary Charismatic Church) where David Lim (Peter's bro) attends and serves. It seems, the Lims have something in common. They are resident guitarist wherever they go. Good for them. I've finally decided to settle in this church. I'll attend CG on Wednesday nights and badminton on Saturdays. So no worries to those who have been praying for me on this. I'm grateful. I'm excited. I want to be in a CG but I know the experiences and memories of Komanwel CG will never be replaced or beaten. I'm not asking for a free meal but if you guys insist, I won't resist.ahah...

Car went swimming in the notorious Johor floods. No, not exactly flooded but was a slight flash flood. Water levels were about slightly higher than one quarter the tire height (185/55 R15). It didn't stall there and then but only after a few hours parked at my apartment. I had to call for a tow truck to tow it to the Toyota Service Centre in Larkin. Thank God, my insurance bore every cost involved. Plus Toyota was kind enough to give me another round of service for free only 1 day after the second (5000km) service. The only problem was wet spark Vios is running again.

So, an eventful weekend...Praise God...

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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Lim Kit Siang said this....

Forgive them

Check out this website and click on the updated reports on the killings of Christians in Turkey by Islamic fanatics.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

New pictures over at my photoblog...

Jump o v e r to w it n e ss s ome n e w pic tures....some new adventures...