Sunday, July 31, 2005

The "Jungian" Test

What on earth is the Jungian test? Mr. Jung developed this test to determine a person's personality. I would say it is quite accurate. Ofcourse there are some room for errors since I didn't take the complete test which is much longer. I took the medium length test. It says that I'm a ESTJ.

Am I an extrovert? I guess I've change throught the years. I used to be a shy little boy who doesn't speak much but smiles whenever someone talks to me. =) I'm more outgoing these days but sometimes I still prefer to be left alone.

I'm someone who senses. Making decision based on my senses or you could say perceptions. The opposite would be inuitive where the intuition becomes the determining factor in decision making.

I have brains!!! what a revelation! Ofcourse I have. I'm a child of the Living God who is most wise. I think before I act-most of the time.

No. I don't study law to become a lawyerby profession.

So what do I get at the end of this test? It is mentioned that the "Administrative" job best suits me. Well, how true it is I don't know but I think prefer this kind of job since it allows me to have some role in decision making. =)

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Still a babe or a young adult?

One thing for sure I know is that the Malaysian mentality is still not mature enough, at least in the automotive sector. What makes me sick is the immature attitude of the major players in the industry. Tengku has a point when he openly criticise the quality of the parts supplied by the local vendors. But was it right for him to say that the government is treating Proton unfairly? Perodua isn't complaining at all. Why is it so?

Proton, being the older of the two national car makers in Malaysia should have learned from its mistake and experiences in the past to better equip itself to take on the challenges that lies in its course. Although this is the logic, Perodua seems to be leading the pack of two. There is a likelihood that the two most costly mistakes were with the Tiara and Juara.

Firstly, the Tiara was a flop because it was based on an old Citreon AX. The spare parts were expensive and are still expensive. I think one would make more profit if one sells parts by parts rather thant the whole car.

Juara on the other hand is based on a very popular Japanese model by Mitsubishi, their former technical partner. Have the management really sat down and plan before executing a plan such as these. One probable explaination for the failure of the Juara is that the Japanese consumers are differnt from the Malaysian. Consumers make up the bulk of the market. Where should the focus be-the product offered or satisfying the consumer's needs?

The Proton Vendors Association President, Dr. Wan Mohamed Wan Embong asked for more protection. Protection from what may I ask? The automotive sector is already 20 years old. This is ridiculus. More ridiculus it is when one said 20 years is not enough. If the Koreans can make in lesser time, why can't we? Where is the Malaysia Boleh spirit? Rather than waiting for the governement to implement a new policy that is bias towards the vendors and Proton, why don't they take the first step in improving themselves and consequently their product. Do they also want Lotus and MV Agusta to be protected?

Saturday, July 16, 2005


The Komenwel(Commonwealth) cell group has just officially multiplied hours ago in a very simple yet meaningful way. It has been a blessed time being together as a CG all these months, meeting up every Friday in various condominiums of members at Vista Komenwel. I've been personally blessed by the many members that have come and gone and the many who stayed. Never have I been so attracted and excited about going to CG meetings until I joined this beloved CG.

Until late yesterday, this CG was called Komenwel CG as a whole unit consisting of tertiary students from various higher learning centres. Today marks a new dawning for us all. The MMU students are on the journey of fulfilling God's vision for us in their campus. While we are still based in Bukit Jalil continuing the journey we have started with, also in fulfilling God's vision for us all-reaching out into the many campuses. We are working on the same basis, chasing the same goal until unless God say otherwise.

I take this journey very personally as a cell leader for the very first time. Even if I wasn't chosen to be the cell leader, I would still take this task as a personal task. Taking it personally doesn't mean the task being a self-centered task but a task that requires every individual's commitment. It is certainly my hope and prayer that all of us will work in one accord to achieve this goal. A challenge of many sorts, yet worth taking up. It would be a glorious day for the Lord when more multiplications take place-growth the result of faithfulness, obedience and diligence. One day, the day that God's love penetrates every heart and the heart beat of God resonates with our heart beat is unfolding in front of our very eyes.

Peace be still...Jump for joy...Have faith and bring in the harvest

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


I wished I could get my hands on the R3 Satria when it was first launched but I knew dad wouldn't buy the car for me as he has already gotten me a Waja Premium. It handles much better than many Japanese cars, I must say. I finally got my chance to burn the tyres of the R3 when my friend bought one. The colour suites the charateristics of the car very well. The stickers that runs from the front all the to the rear end looks cool as it emphasises the potential of the car.

This is one of the best handling cars I've ever driven, the best would be a BMW 3 series...The R3 has adequate power, why adequate? This is because I would expect more horses to pull this car but with 140bhp it would be sufficient. The feel of the steering is good, MOMO steering and the seat provides good support. The brakes feels ok. What disappoints me is the feel when the gears are enganged. It is not as smooth as I would expect it to be. It seems the plastic used for the doors are dissimilar to the other similar models.

I would personally wait for the Gen.2 R3 to be launched and would love to purchase one when I have the means. Ofcourse this depends on the build quality and whether it justifies the price tag.