Saturday, September 13, 2008

The P State

Malaysia has lost its appeal as a peaceful country rich in natural resources and "limitless" opportunities.

In the wake of the political unrest faced by her people, the government has launched a campaign to deter journalist to report the truth, allege politicians of wrong doings and a blogger who is voicing his opinion. Only about a week or two back, the PM said journalist should report the truth, but that has proven otherwise. Bloggers who voiced their opinions and blogged based on facts have been detained and investigated while the supposed perpetrator is still on the lose.

Where is our freedom & our rights?

I hope the more powerful & influential nations will put pressure or at least release some proof or information about the corrupt practices that is so rampant in this country. We as Malaysian are so sick of this. Business can only run smoothly when dirty money is involved. Sometimes, some Malaysians think it is part of life. They have been deceived into believing that it is perfectly fine to do so.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Sometimes, we tend to find more hypocrites in churched than anywhere else.
OK, maybe this statement is made with ignorance but sometimes the
level of hypocrisy is so unacceptable that it drives christians out of church
faster than souls saved. What a shame. Don't join them, go against them,
but first, look into a mirror and think twice before you say or do anything.

Jesus said He doesn't like luke warm people, you either be cold or hot.
Ask Him which he prefers...

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Race based politics should die...

The political scene in Malaysia is similar to a decomposing corpse. Rot is seen everywhere in the once championed race based politics. There are 3 major races in Malaysia. Thus, there are also 3 main stream political parties representing each race for its own selfish interest. UMNO represents the Malays, MCA represents the Chinese and MIC represents the Indians. There are also other political parties in Malaysia that have a different approach even though some show slight inclinations to race based politics but never to the extent of BN's (national coalition of UMNO, MCA and MIC).

Read HERE and HERE to know a bit more about the recent spats between races.

Firstly, there was the HINDRAF issue, and now the "chinese are squaters" issue.
Maybe China should give the government and those who are racist a very stern warning not to bully it's cousins. We are Chinese, but we are Malaysians first and foremost. For goodness sake, we are Malaysian Chinese. We fought beside you against the Japanese and walked with you to garner independence from the British. Which part says we are not citizens? Like the Chinese and Indians, the Malays are not the first people of this land called Malaysia. The Orang Asli (indigenous) are the rightful owners.

If we continue to fight over this petty things, our economy will not recover, our political stability will be gone, our unity will be lost and Malaysia will never be prosperous again.

Kick Racism out of this Land...

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