Monday, October 31, 2005

National Anthem

I have embarassed myself by forgetting the lyrics of the national anthem. But nonetheless, I've given it my best. After about 4 years of silence, it was my first try publicly. Enjoy the clip, technically I'm on TV! Online at least. THE NATIONAL ANTHEM-Patriotism at its core

Are you ready?

How does it feel living so close to a place where persecution is widespread? After countless reminders that "We are blessed to be Malaysians!" by pastors and leaders, I am thankful and greatful of that fact. Lately, the insurgence of the fanatical sect of the Muslims in Indonesia is causing panic, at least to those who are aware of it. The beheading of Christian schoolgirls in Sulawesi mark the beginning of many more such acts. Years ago, it was in this same place that about 1000 people have succumb to the violence between Christians and Muslims. Will such an event reoccur? or something far greater? I don't know.

Somehow, I feel that Malaysian Christians would be facing some degree of persecution. I don't know when, but I think soon. I'm not trying to put fear into people's life or create havoc of any sorts. But we should face the fact that the yesterday's season has changed. Today is different season, we are facing a world that is changing so ever quickly. More people are hearing the gospel. In Malaysia, at least as far as I know, Muslims are more openly exposed to the Good News that has never changed over 2000 years. I hope we don't ever have to preach a diluted gospel. Our church have seen Pakistani, Iranian and lots of mainland Chinese touched in one way or another. Pastors are talking about Malays who are willing to travel more than 200km for a prayer of healing. They are starting to believe The Almighty God who has sacrificed so much to reconcile with us. I hear from very reliable sources that prominent Malays are now following the Lord. How awesome...

I've shared in my cell group about being salt and light of the world. As followers of Christ, not merely having our name tags spell Christian, we are commanded to be salt and light by Jesus (Matt 5:13-16). Salt when rubbed into wounds would cause discomfort and irritation. As salt, we are to remain salty, if not we are no use-the Bible says trampled under the foot. We must remain salty so that the gospel continues to be relevant and effectively preached. Becoming light we reflect God's light to expose darkness. Doing good and suffer patiently is commendable to God. No matter what, the body of Christ should be prepared to face the very worst. After all becoming a Christian means we are tested all the time whether our faith is genuine or otherwise. Are you ready?

Sunday, October 30, 2005


Got this sms from a close friend. Apparently, Pastor Ferdie Flores, a missionary to East Timor would be executed by beating tomorrow. I'm not sure how genuine is this piece of news. No matter what, please pray. He is from FGA as forwarded.

This is a rumour...thanx to those who took the initiative to check it up and inform all of us. Really appreciate it. Do continue to pray for the missionaries your church supports. God bless
Pitter patter, pitter patter...
Sound of raindrops I hear.
Towards the window I gently lean,
Watching the raindrops
wash my window panes clean.
A lil' birdie is chirping on the window sill,
hush, lil' birdie,
Be quiet & still.
Listen to the lovely rhythm the raindrops make,
My afternoon blues, away it takes...

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Picture courtesy of cwcloudy


What is this act of violence that our neighbour is doing? Years ago the headlines read of Christians beheaded in Indonesia. We see the influx of Chinese Indonesians into Malaysia. I welcome them. These people acting in the name of religion, god are doing this despicable act, for what?! INSECURITY! Damn bastards. Sorry for the harsh words used but I'm angry at these people who are in existance around the world. Sick people. Why don't they behead their own family? These people are believing in an insecured religion. Why must they go and force people into it, putting a restraining order to disqualify them any opportunity for freedom of religion and promoting hypocrisy. Sick people with sick belief. I call these people the walking dead because in them is death that is so quickly consuming every part of them. I really hope they receive the most cruel punishment but I also hope with such aching in my heart that they receive salvation, God save them. I'm very sure the Christian sisters, though young, didn't die in vain. Their steadfastness in the Truth, was probably the reason for their beheading. Like a matyr they died. Commendable act of unwavering faith. I don't know if I can do that but I'll try. Rest in peace...

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Who am I?

Have you ever wondered what to expect from the implementation of the MyKad? Were you very excited to change your IC to the technologically sound MyKad? In the beginning, I thought the government was doing something worth applauding. Then again, does it pave the way for the 'mark of the beast' prophecy to be fulfilled earlier? No, it will not be earlier, it has been predestined but this is not the issue of the day. What caught my attention about MyKad was rather humorous and humiliating. Before I go on, let me stress some issues regarding privacy. Only last semester, did I write a paper on individual's privacy vs. national security and referenced it to a number of other research papers including a thesis on MyKad by a lecturer. Utilising technology to ease our everyday life may seem like the best thing to do. The convergence of technology and practicality seems like the aim of many today. The question is, would it ensure better security on the part of an individual's right to protect his or her personal information? In other words, would it make your life easier?

I personally think that proper utilisation of technology will certainly help make life easier, not to forget make us lazier in a sense. When we saw the government's initiative to bring MyKad into the lives of every citizen, we thought "Wow! now we are an advanced, technology-savvy nation.". Well we may be wrong. After all these years of trying to implement it, the government has failed miserably. Look at the inefficiencies that the system has to offer. The platform is not ready to support such high technology. Another question just popped up in my head, "Is the MyKad that high tech?". Among the many problems that plague the implementation the MyKad, some have been obviously ridiculous. Lately, my relative wanted to change the old IC to a MyKad. Being so eager to kill 2 birds with one stone, Aunt A went back to Sitiawan. The silliest of events concerning the MyKad happened. The officer in charged said something like, "Oh, sini tak boleh buat MyKad jenis ini kerana sistem komputer disini tak secanggih yang di Kuala Lumpur." Silly, if the government is to complete the implementation, I could not understand why the computerised systems are not standardised. Apparently, the most logical explanation would be that since there are no tolls in Sitiawan, there is no need to have a system that could produce MyKads that have a Touch 'n' Go function. We too have read about policemen not accepting the MyKad as a valid driver’s license although it contains the relevant data.

Alright this is the humorous and also humiliating thing. Just today, in the Comments section of The Star, a pastor comments about the inefficiency of the MyKad. The pastor of a Methodist Church is registered as a Buddhist?! This is not acceptable. There are various problems in this one issue. Firstly, if the application form clearly stated the religion as Kristian, there should be no reason his religion is registered as otherwise. The NRD's reason? If your father is registered as a Bhuddist you are also a Bhuddist. I thought we have the rights to practice freedom of religion? Doesn't the constitution says so, does it? It make me feel as if someone in the government is charting out life's plan. Secondly, in order to 'correct' the 'mistake' the pastor had to pay RM20 and was told to make a declaration!? I'm speechless. It a tragedy that we have to pay to correct someone's mistake in Malaysia. Well, you thought all justice have been done? No! After paying and declaring, his MyKad still reads Bhuddist. Sack those lazy bums in the government! He wasn't the only unlucky one. Five persons including him from a group of ten were registered as Buddhist, they are actually practicing Christians.

Thirdly, there should never be such a precedent based system that enlist your personal information based on your father's. Imagine, if your father is a Ayah Pin follower, gosh, what are you now? Agama: Sky Kingdom. That would look cool but you have to play hide-and-seek everyday. I end with a long and rather funny quote from the pastor, "My father died and was buried a Christian. I suppose he registered his religion with God but forgot to do so with the National Registration Department. He died before MyKad was introduced."

Ps:This post does not intend to condemn any persons, religion or parties. It is purely intended to highlight the shortcomings that are prevalent in our society today. Some expressions of the author has been exaggerated, they are in italics.

Are you are who you are?
Are you who they say you are?

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Urgent Help needed

Urgent help needed. My friend has sent a request for help. There is a particular person by the name of Ng Kian Seng who needs blood type AB negative. He is curretly warded at University Hospital, ward 8U, room 35. You may contact +60 12 655 8702.

Saturday, October 22, 2005


When our hearts are willing to serve,
We will seek to find where needs exist.
A willing heart serves where needs arise.
To serve is to sacrifice.
To sacrifice is to benefit others.
To benefit others is to serve them.
Service of the lip is not acceptable.
Service from the heart is most pleasing,
because it requires sacrifice.
It is doing good and suffer,
and taking it patiently,
which God is most please with.

1 Peter 2:20b

Thursday, October 20, 2005

In Loving Memory

This post is a dedicated to the late wife of our beloved prime minister, Datin Seri Endon Mahmood. She passed away after a long four year battle with cancer on Thursday morning. She was 64.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The making of Dewan Boneka

First and foremost, I'm feeling much better already from the depressing issues of late.

Back to talking about the topic of the day.

I was listening to the parliamentary debate that was aired on TV1 earlier today. I couldn't believe what our supposed leaders are debating. Instead of debating on issues pertaining to national security, national integrity and subjects that are of public interest they shockingly debate on the condition of toilets in the parliament and a proposal to form a ministry of toilets. What on earth is going on? Are our the rakyat's tax money going down the toilet bowl as well?

Guess there is more to just raising the issue of toilets by YB Lim Kit Siang. He has a point to prove of the inefficiencies of the Ministry of Public Works. He raised the issue of the recent expenditure of about RM99 million on the renovation works done to the parliament building. Recently, we also heard in the news about the poor workmanship that have cause the roof to leak even after such a hefty expenditure. There have been enough of hints that something is not right about how the appointment of contractors are done and the low level of quality produced. Some of the problems related to the toilet issue are that the doors of the 'ladies' could not close and the pumps not working. These are simple maintenance job that should not have been a problem. We know of how corrupted the system is and thanks to some who are still participating in this despicable act, continues to feed the appetite of receiving duit kopi. Anyway, what can Malaysians expect from a governement who cannnot even maintain a toilet in working conditions to build proper defect free roads? Maybe it is time for a change, don't you think so?

It is a very sad event in the history of Malaysia as an independant country to be unable to carry out project effectively and efficiently. After 48 years of independance, we still have problems with toilets and stupid remarks being thrown at the opposing side in the parliament. I would say the person who provoke YB Lim to say stupid a couple of times is really stupid. If one is unable to bear listening to someone speak, then don't. Afterall this is a 'democratic' country. Anyone can speak their mind about almost anything. Well, in returning the remark, the other YB slurred. Mind your language sirs. People are watching.

If the Dewan Rakyat continues to allow such remarks being made, I think everyone should move to the market to speak. On the other hand, I laud the effort by the government, especially Pak Lah on the policy to erradicate corruption throught the zero tolerance motto and other efforts initiated by the man. Erradicate is too strong a word, reduction suits it better.

Well, in view of freedom of expression, I boldly say all these. I believe we should have our rights to exercise this freedom so long as we don't disrupt the balance of the volatile nature our racial unity lies on. I believe in preserving the unity we enjoy. Fight corruption, strengthen unity. Pray for our nation, leaders and people.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Choking and so are you!

I'm choking...and so are many others. Relating to the earlier posting, I think, and this thought was raised by a someone, that it is the system that is at fault. Not at anytime the people. I may disappoint some of my readers here but I think it is better for me to be honest than to be a liar that will be tagged as a hypocrite. If you can't accept what I'm writing, please don't go on reading.

I question many times, why am I serving in the cell? I may be commited, may look to be commited, which I am. I am commited to serving people. Blessing peoples lives. Helping people. Making them smile when they are not. Feed them when they are hungry. Cry with them when they are sad. Pick them up when they are down. I don't want any post. I don't want any rank. I never dreamt to be a cell leader because I think I am not called into that ministry. But I may be wrong about myself. I love being around youth seeing them grow. Not being around grown ups who can't behave like one. I feel like I am not benefiting people in the cell enough.

I feel that I can bless more people by not being in the system. Because the system only limits my every movement. Anyway, the system sucks big time. I don't get mentored, accountable to anyone and enough attention. I don't seek the attention that you are thinking of. The attention I speak of here concerns the attention for the cell from a higher authority. The system has failed to provide me with the authority needed or maybe I fail to exercise the authority given indirectly. I rather not be in the system, having this authority that I can't exercise effectively. I wanna be a Christian who is able to much more for God and His people.

I don't like the system. I don't like bad attitudes including those I have. But I love the people.

But without a system, we humans just can't function. Well, afterall we still need systems. All I ask is, if a system is to be implemented, make sure it works and a good feedback system is installed as well.

To God be the glory. I still wanna serve Him. I hope I can serve Him where I can enjoy serving Him even if it is tough. I hope and pray He gives me directions and instructions soon.

Sunday, October 16, 2005


Sometimes I don't know what I'm doing. I don't know why I'm doing some things. Lately, I question myself about what am I doing. I get frustrated at things easily. Which isn't a very good thing. I'm serving God in the CG but sometimes I feel very lost. I don't know am I doing the right thing because their isn't any feedback. A simple respond would be good enough but I don't see it coming. Why am I serving in this ministry in the first place? All I'm believing now is that I'm doing this because God has called me and is moulding me. I'm doing this because I trust Him. Another reason I do, to bless others. That's about all.

Sometimes I really don't understand what are people going through. Why are they like this? I guess they ask the same of me. I can't be too highly expectant of them. After we are all humans with diferent characters.

Sometimes I feel like giving up on everything I have now. I feel like not trying anymore because I don't see prospect, a future in the things I labor and invest. If giving up would solve all my problems, then I'll do it but it isn't true with the problems I have. Giving up would never work. If I ever give up on some things, it would affect others adversely. I don't want to cause the downfall of others.

I just want to be to serve and bless...freeing up my time, effort and time to provide the best service. May it be pleasing unto You, my Lord. This I want all the time...

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

A truely sincere heard and answered

dear lord...
i know u hv alot of prayers to hear
n answer
but wherever u r right now
i hope u will listen to mine first, right now,
n perform this miracle for me
i jz wanna ask pass my law assignment
15/30, dat will do
pls lord...
in jesus precious name i pray, Amen!

Monday, October 10, 2005

From today....

Blame the assignments...and laziness..aahahah...
Well, I'm back again to my blog to post. I've been away for some times due to various reasons. Firstly, assignments. Secondly, fatigue. Thirdly, lazy and lastly, just pure laziness...

The past week wasn't that good at all. I was seriously tired and it has gotta do with my habit. My bad habit of sleeping real late. Sometimes I sleep at 5 and wake up at the latest, 10am. So that makes it max 5 hours of sleep. Most times I sleep at max 5 hours aday. Sometimes 3 or 4. This has been on going for...hmmmmph, the whole semester. Now it is really taking its toll on me. Most times, I sleep late because of assignments. Other times, I just got so used to sleeping late.

I have 2 more assignments to go before my finals. Two more due this friday. Tak habis habis...Then it is time to pick up the books and study all day long until my exam ends on the 10th of Nov. Do keep me in prayers. Really need the extra strength to carry on.

Just can't wait for the holiday to start. I was contemplating whether to do my internship this summer. Well, I guess I better stick to my initial plan of enjoying my last summer (3 1/2 months) holiday. I want to complete this phase in life with a bang. I want to enjoy it to the max before I move on to the working life. Here are some of my plans.

13th to 17th December - Wesley Sitiawan MYF Camp
Camp Speaker: Pastor Hilmi Nor (yeah, no mistake there)

18th Decemeber - KL
Friend's wedding

20th to 31st December - Wesley Sitiawan MYF Musical & Carolling


January - Sitiawan and possibly a CG retreat!!!

February - Sitiawan preparing for my god sister's wedding

Sunday, October 02, 2005

The one of a kind experience

Ending the week long holiday with a shocking experience is certainly not what I've intended. I met some policemen again but this time it was for a different reason. I was at the police station together with my uncle and dad. Later part of the extended family joined in. Something terrible but praise worthy incident happened. Four robbers came in and robbed my uncle of his pratically new Toyota Harrier. Thank and praise God no one was hurt. I pray hard that these four stupidly daring robbers will be caught and be given the deserved punishment. I watched the incident in total shock. My heart swell with anger and my mind could only think of revenge. I even thought of contacting some people in the underworld to search for these people. But that is not who I am, that was who I was. Neither I could seek help from them nor take revenge. All is in God's hand. I pray that they pay for their actions. Stop this foolish are only robbing your future from yourself and those who love you.