Thursday, March 30, 2006


I am tired and sleepy but my mind is still diligently at work. While playing around with the idea of sharing with people the creative art of photography, it stumbled upon a fantastic idea of displaying it online. Oh well, it isn't fantastic at all since it is an old idea but my mind wants to think of it that way, what can I do? I tried Flickr. It is too slow and I do not have the flexibility of a blog. No doubt the picture quality posted on the blog will deteriorate but that's the whole point. In order to obtain a better quality picture you would have to ask the owner. Another brilliant idea, the name of the blog. I decided to name it along the theme of this blog by retaining the "Not". It is like a car company producing a range of models based on one platform. It is more like Nestle's Maggi brand. You get the chilli sauce, ketchup, mee in my mug and instant noodles. So when one mentions "Not", instantly speak-not and see(not) will pop up in your mind. This is called smart branding. =) Soon you will all enjoy, I hope, nice photographs.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


I've a flat tyre...I heard a loud boom sound while driving on the LDP near Kelana LRT station. I thought it was my car going over a pot hole until this evening when I wanted to go buy dinner only I realised that it was worse than I thought. No wonder the car look weirdly "senget" his afternoon. The other thing, I can't seem to be able to tap into my superhuman strength unwind the nuts. I thought I was stronger...nah...even when I kick and stood on top of the spanner, the nuts just refused to move a millimeter.

Obscene speed

The speed of the Streamyx broadband connection is obscene. As though it seems, Telekom had short changed us consumers of this product. Dato' Seri Lim lamented that the offering by Telekom is not up to standard. Further more, not up to expectations of knowledgeable consumers. If you are observant, the Streamyx that most of us use has a clause stated in the T&C that reads "at best speeds". If Telekom already know about the short comings of using the aging copper wire to carry information at high speeds, why don't they do something about it? For goodness sake replace the copper wires for something more high-tech, something which can sustain and live through more future developments in the information technology sector. The government talked about S.Korea as being the nation with the highest broadband users, Australia offering 100mb connection speed for AUD60 a month and Malaysia having dreams of achieving the Vision 2020. Forget about the rotting transportation system. Vision 2020 is about transforming the country into a developed country. In order to do so, we first need to pursue knowledge. Imagine having to pay for a 1mb Streamyx while getting on an average of 550kbps in not going to help the situation. Frustration is definately inevitable, the question: At what speed will we get frustrated? Most probably faster than the broadband speed. One scenario that I could think of (hypothetical):
An American wants to do business with a Malaysian which if successful would involve RM10 million.
A:Good morning, how are you doing?
M:Good morning. I'm fine, thank you. How about you?
A:I'm fine...lets get on with the meeting. Shall we?
Computer: Can't establish connection with the other party. Please try again later.
M:Sorry, D/C.
A:*wonders* D/C? Are you digging a chick while discusing business with me?
M:No! No! I meant disconnected. We have to hurry before I get disconnected again.
A:What?! Alright, lets get on with our meeting.
Computer:Can't establish connection with the other party. Please try again later.
A:Damn it! *Closes chat session*
M:I'm back. So sorry. The connection is not stable.
M:Hello??? Are you still there?
M:*Thinks of the posibility to sue the ISP for lost of income*

A very lame attempt at portraying a possible scenario. As lame as this example and the attempt is, so too is the attempt of TMNet in providing us with broadband speed connection. "Broadband". I was D/C about 5 times in less than half an hour!!! Deceptive advertising from the ISP. The term BROADBAND should not even be used. It deceived many. I'm sure many are complaining about the speed and stability. Let's not only hope for better service. Let's pressure TM to provide us with better infrastructure and services. This issue has been bugging me for a while. I have sent them an e-mail regarding their substandard service and the reply was not any better than the problem itself.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Zechariah 4

The Lampstand and the Olive Trees

You may ask what is the significance of the lampstand and the olive trees? In this passage we could also find the much used Bible verse quote, "Not by might nor by power but by my Spirit," says the LORD Almighty. What powerful words. My NKJV Bible uses "lampstand" where as my other NIV Bible uses "gold lampstand", gold or not, this is the 5th vision in the book of Zechariah. Going back to the question what is the significance of the olive trees and the lampstand?

The building of the Temple of God was never done by human might or resource. The Bible tells of it being build using divine resources. This does not mean the stones came down from heaven. The light from the lampstand represents the reflection of God's glory in the consecration and the holy service of God's people. There are all together 7 lamps on the lampstand. The number 7 symbolises completeness--perfection. Perfection is only possible by the power of the Holy Spirit.
The olive trees, "one on the right of the bowl and one on its left". In Revelation 11:4, it refers the olive trees to the 2 witnesses in the end times who will be witnessing for 1260days (3 and a half years). The power for effective testimony is supplied from the Spirit of God. What makes these 2 olive trees so important for us to know? One olive tree represents Joshua, the priest. The other represents Zerubbabel of the royal linage of David. It is made so clearly that we as witnesses for Christ are both royal and priestly. Thus, this explanation coins the term "royal priesthood". The 2 leaders mentioned were given the responsibility to do God's work. Are we not as children of God part of the royal priesthood ought to do God's work? If we do not, we do not deserve to be included in the club of royal priests. Another very significant point of the combination gave lead at that time to the coming Messiah. He will be a Messianic King-Priest.

Are you the olive trees that continuously pour oil into the lampstand so that its light never dims? Not that the Lord's glory will dim. But we as olive trees supplying oil is only representation of us as worshipers giving God the glory only He deserves. Remember, earlier I mentioned that the Spirit of God is the main player behind the building of the Temple. In the same way when we give glory to God, it is the Spirit of God that will make this possible.

Be olive trees, not a fig tree...

Thursday, March 23, 2006

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Joie Ong, my cousin... Posted by Picasa
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Chicken Run...

Chickens are on the run!! They are running away from the government officials threatening to cull them, one at a time. In some cases mimicking a massacre of fowls. Pity those free-range chickens which were free to roam as the name implies but now no better than mass-farmed-hormone imbalance-chickens. Pondering for a moment, "Where will Brands get their chicken essence from?" if the nation's entire industry of fowls are culled. What about KFC? What about your neighbourhood nasi lemak seller who so faithfully serve their "best" ayam masak merah? Imagine chicken meat facing a shortage, worst still a extinction. Soon, I will no longer be awaken by the crow of a cock. No more "Foochow red wine mee sua with kampung chicken". Maybe this is why my uncle for some reason cooked "Foochow red wine mee sua with monitor lizard meat" years ago. Probably he was testing with the ever famous cuisine with an alternative source of protein which suprisingly tasted like chicken meat. So, friends do not panic as there is an alternative to chicken meat.

The latest I have heard from my uncle is that the Avian flu has reached Sitiawan's neighbouring town which is also in the Mukim of Sitiawan. For the record, Sitiawan is the nation's largest producer of bird's nest. I used to joke that "if Sitiawan was hit by the deadly H5N1 strain of the bird flu, it would be quarantined. I'm talking about the whole town or maybe the whole municipal as well. I would not dare to imagine it now. Sitiawan also has many poultry farms. By the way, Perak is the nation's largest producer of chickens and ducks. Why so fowl? Now we are on the brink of being "fouled" by the virus. Not only the state's economy will suffer unimaginable loses but the country's economy will suffer a blow. I laud what the government is doing. Being transparent really helps the rakyat to prepare before such outbreaks reaches them. At the same time, I would think that some of the owners of these poultry farms may have some tricks up their sleeves. The reason being them not willing to suffer loses. Most importantly, SAVE MY COUNTRY AND ITS PEOPLE!

The minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yasin mentioned that it is difficult to contain the outbreak as it is almost impossible to stop migratory birds from travelling across borders. What are the government's plans? I think it will not be successful in containing the outbreak totally. Maybe the spread among fowls can be contained but a new case will sprout out once the infected migratory bird stops to rest in the country. Should we shoot all of the migratory birds? or invent a device that creates sounds waves that will irritate them? or disinfect them? All are lousy suggestions. Prayers, only prayers from all of you will help ease the situation. I do not know what God's purpose for this to happen but I certainly believe that it will draw us closer to Him once we realise complaining and thinking negatively about it would not help at all. Pray!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

2 seconds shutter speed...i tried with the 15sec, blur cos my hand was shaking...need a tripod to make it sharper Posted by Picasa
i think this is nice...just simply shooting aruond, the details are nice... Posted by Picasa
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57X happier!!

Alas, I bought the much anticipated Fuji FinePix S5600 camera. It is a digital camera which is also a DSLR-wannabe. I got "cursed" at when i told people I wanted to buy a Fuji. What's so bad about a Fuji? People, you didn't curse at me, just some frank advices but I'm in a jovial mood which renders me a little nutty. I'm pretty happy with the quality of the photographs. This camera like many other, if not all digital cameras do not produce very sharp pictures in very low lighting. I did not post the shots I took without flash in very low lighting because to me those pictures are not usable. I place quite a high standard on quality. Ofcourse, any other camera with higher megapixels produce sharper and clearer pictures than a 5.1meg does. The photos are a little softer compared to the ones produced by Canon PowerShot A620 (my initial choice). The latter, a 7.1meg but photos produced by it is abit on the darker side. I chose the S5600 on the grounds that it looks & feels like a DSLR, very good zoom range, good image quality, long battery life (2500 Ni-Mh) and other features that allow me to tweak and fiddle around for the effects a DSLR is capable off. However, this camera is not capable of everything a DSLR is capable off but it comes closer than many other alternatives available in the market. After 3 weeks long of dreaming and dreaming, I finally got my hands on it. I bought it for RM1340 with a 16mb & 512mb xD card, soft PU carying case, USB 2.0 cable, audio & visual cables, strap and bundled software plus 1 year international warranty. In addition, I also bought a Marumi 55mm UV lens protector and a protective film for the LCD screen for RM80 (for both). The camera needs batteries, so I bought 4 Energizer 2500 Ni-Mh batteries with charger for RM120. With this purchase, I was given a membership card and 300 free prints at Fotokem. The membership entitles me to discounts. I think this is a good buy(the camera, as I'm not sure of the accesories' price). Anyways, it is cheaper here than it is in Singapore (SGD599). Oh, by the way, the 57X referred to in the title is the amount of total zoom.
Naural Light w/o Flash, Macro, F3.2, ISO 100, 5Meg N(2592 x 1944 pixels) Posted by Picasa
Auto with Flash, F3.2, ISO 100, 5Meg N(2592 x 1944 pixels) Posted by Picasa
Natural Light w/o Flash, Macro...can't remember the other settings. Btw typo, it's Natural Light not Colour. This picture is noisy because it is taken under low lighting, yellow bulb. Posted by Picasa
Natural Colour w/o Flash, F3.2, ISO 200, 5Meg N(2592x1944 pixels) Posted by Picasa
Auto with Flash, F3.2, ISO 200, 5Meg N(2592x1944 pixels) Posted by Picasa

Fuji FinePix S5600

I'm getting my camera today. I plan to. Hopefully they have stock in the shop. I can't wait any longer. I've been checking, researching and reading reviews over and over again for the past 3 weeks. This has to stop with the act of purchasing the camera. Unless someone can tell me it is not a good buy.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Hail Stones keep falling on USJ. I was like a budak kampung picking up the miniature ice cubes from the lawn. Oh man, I've never felt rain water that is so cold. It was like ice water touching my skin. I wasn't wearing a shirt so it was pretty cold. But it was a good experiece.  Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Some random pictures

There is a picture that I took with Annie half way through playing PS2 at Charles' place. I leave it to you to decide who is better looking. =)

There is also a picture of a car I noticed while driving. People please don't attempt to snap a shot while driving. I almost hit a the object the first time I tried it (not this one). Don't snap and Drive. Just in case you can't read the words... it says "TURBO No Intercooler".

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Perbuatan budak kampung...weird.  Posted by Picasa
With Annie at Charles' place near Christmas...errrr people, please don't stare at her.ahaha...there is a beauty in the picture but no beast. Posted by Picasa

A Blessing

It is a blessing to have grandparents who know the Lord personally. As they are able to nurture a good habit of giving God the glory and being humble. I thank God for god-fearing grandparents. Although I'm only left with my paternal grandma, I don't complain about the loss of the others. I can't deny that I certainly do miss them to a great extend. Thoughts of regrets of not maximising the time spent with them while I had the chance occasionally crosses my mind. Thank you for being patient with me, grandma. For loving me, for taking care of me while I was younger, for praying for me, for allowing us to take care of you now....
My cousin admiring the cake or is she drooling... Posted by Picasa
Grandma's 82nd birthday...longevity. Posted by Picasa

Freak storm...

It is estimated about 100 trees were uprooted in the Bandar Sunway and Subang Jaya vicinity during this freak storm with wind speeds of up to 30 knots ( 54km/h). The black Wira Aeroback parked just near my car was pinned under the big tree but miraculously not damages as the branches of the tree barely miss the front pillars of the car. He must have prayed very hard or a divine force pity him.
ish ish ish...macam mana nak selesaikan masalah ni? Posted by Picasa
Wah! Apa dah jadi ni? Malaysia pun ada ribut taufan??? Posted by Picasa
A lamp post broke and fell due to a freak storm Posted by Picasa

Justin's Farewell Dinner

Justin was from the same CG as I am. As of now, he has migrated to New Zealand. I would like to believe that the dinner was held to celebrate the good times we all shared in CG and out side of CG. It is also to celebrate his sacrifice and commitment to the CG and most importantly the study of God's word. From the times I shared with him, I can say this guy is decisive, calm, patient, intelligent and friendly. I hope to see him grow deeper in his relationship with God. Hope and pray that he will experience, understand and have faith in God more. A new place requires more effort to survive, God is your source of strength and life itself.
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